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Remote Dedicated Account Manager  


Estados Unidos, California, Santa fe springs





Fecha: 13/09/2022


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We are looking for a dedicated Account Manager to work long-term and establish trusting relationships with customers and clients. Account Managers should be a point of contact for vendors and departments. The ideal candidate should function across several levels and develop customer service. To do their job at the maximum productive level, Account Managers should collaborate with sales and marketing teams and make engaging communication with customers.


1. Understand the requirement of clients and understand their product needs and explain the values of the company product lines to them.

2. Collaborate with various departments and convey clients' needs so that their product needs get fulfilled.

3. Collecting, assimilating, and analyzing customer data regards to their behavior, purchase preferences, demographic details, etc.

4. Keeping updated about company products and services.

5. Maintain product inventory and accounts statements.

6. Resolving customer complaints and preventing more issues by the proactive implementation of processes.

7. Focus on improving client and customer buying experience.


1. Bachelor's degree in sales, marketing, communication, and related field.

2. Ability to gather and analyse large volume of data.

3. Strong problem-solving skills.

4. Ability to improve communication across departments and build rapport with others in the company.

5. The knack for understanding and analyzing customer preferences, trends, and consumer behavior.

6. Extensive product knowledge.

7. Strong listening skills.

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Dirige a otros: No

Tipo de empleo: Trabajo freelance

Carrera: Trabajo independiente


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